Putting the "eco" in media ecosystems

Review: The Media Ecosystem: What Ecology Can Teach Us about Responsible Media Practice

Journal of Media Literacy Education

Antonio López proposes a new vision of media education grounded in ecological consciousness. He borrows ideas from ecology and systems thinking, and foregrounds an ethics of collectivity, empathy and democracy. Steeped in metaphors of gardening, permaculture, and cultural commons, he elaborates a media practice that expresses a “green cultural citizenship” and calls for media educators to join in enlivening a media ecosystem.


Book of the Week: Developing a Mediacology for a Media Permaculture

How should we approach literacy in a digital age? For Antonio Lopez, it’s not just about using new types of media, but recognizing the different ways our brain deals with information, and that this is media-dependent but also inserted into the larger ecologies of our life, which must be sustainable.


Mediacology – Chapter Summaries

Introduction: Media Permaculture Applying an ecological model to media literacy requires switching perspectives by moving from the analysis of design objects, such as advertising, to the study of system design. This means not only studying the economics of production and ideology, but also understanding that media have innate cognitive designs as well. “Media Permaculture” is […]