Bridging ecojustice and media education

Seeing microplastic clouds: Using ecomedia literacy for digital technology in environmental education

Connecting environmental and digital media education with the guiding metaphor of water, this article explores ecomedia literacy, a methodology that prompts students to perform a holistic analysis and systems thinking of gadgets using four zones of inquiry: ecoculture, political ecology, ecomateriality, and lifeworld.

Ecomedia Literacy is out!

The image illustrates a positive expression of ecomedia, showing how ecosystems are at the heart of human existence. By combining satellite imagery and artistic intervention, it’s also a creative use of technology that can often be used for environmentally destructive purposes (satellite mapping is often used as a tool of control, extraction, and warfare). I was incredibly pleased to get permission to use this as the cover of Ecomedia Literacy because it captures the ethical heart of the book.

Eco-pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections

I have an article, “Ecomedia Literacy: Educating with Ecomedia Objects and the Ecomediasphere,” in the new issue of Eco-pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections. Thanks to special issue editor, Bronwin Patrickson, for inviting me to write it. Abstract: Ecomedia literacy cultivates the exploration of ecomedia objects– media texts (advertisements, news articles, television commercials, websites, films, etc.), …

Special journal issue on ecomedia literacy

During this historic time of Covid-19 and ongoing climate crisis, we are proud to announce our May, 2020, Ten Year Anniversary Issue of the Journal of Sustainability Education focused on Ecomedia Literacy. Our co-published issue with the Journal of Media Literacy is dedicated to reframing not only media literacy education, but also education generally.

My media literacy encyclopedia entries are out now

After years of hard work, The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy (Two Volume Set) is now out. Touted as, “The definitive international reference on a topic of major and enduring importance,” it features some of the top media lit scholars in the world. I have two entries, “Ecomedia Literacy” and “Communication.” Edited by Renee Hobbs …