Bridging ecojustice and media education

The World is in Your Hand: Lecture at American University of Lebanon

Ecomedia literacy lecture at the American University of Lebanon’s MD Lab. I had a chance to talk about the environmental impacts of media, with a focus on MENA. In particular I focused on the impact of Bitcoin and how gadget manufacturing affects gender and water systems. I met enthusiastic students who want to spread ecomedia literacy in the Arab world.

Presentation for Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas

Here is a video recording of the presentation I made (along with Jeff Share and Theresa Redmond) for the Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas. Title: Ecojustice and Decolonization with Ecomedia Literacy Overview: In the interest of decolonizing media education, we aim to bridge the gaps that emerge from the academic silo-ing of content …

Green design for media literacy education: NAMLE-2019 slideshow

Ecomedia literacy is an approach designed to integrate media literacy with sustainability education. Drawing from research on North American media literacy practices, ecomedia literacy reconceptualizes how we teach media. It is based on “ecomedia,” which is an emerging framework in media studies that recognizes the material reality of media production and its impact on the environment. Ecomedia literacy incorporates four main perspectives by addressing media objects (texts or gadgets) in terms of culture, political economy, materiality, and worldview.

What is Technology? Conference presentation

I recently presented at the What is Technology Conference? in Portland, OR, sponsored by the University of Oregon. The presentation, “The Ecomediasphere: Technology as Ecomedia,” demonstrates an educational tool that I’m developing for ecomedia literacy. The heuristic will be featured in my forth-coming book with Routledge, Teaching Ecomedia. Here is the abstract: Various academic disciplines …