Bridging ecojustice and media education

Eco-pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections

I have an article, “Ecomedia Literacy: Educating with Ecomedia Objects and the Ecomediasphere,” in the new issue of Eco-pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections. Thanks to special issue editor, Bronwin Patrickson, for inviting me to write it.

Abstract: Ecomedia literacy cultivates the exploration of ecomedia objects– media texts (advertisements, news articles, television commercials, websites, films, etc.), platforms (streaming services, social networks, media organizations), gadgets (smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.), or hyperobjects (amorphous disbursed phenomena that behaves like a system, such as the internet, fake news, or media industry). In this paper, I introduce an integrative method of analysis I devised called the “ecomediasphere.” The ecomediasphere prompts learners to explore the ecomedia object’s use and meaning from four different perspectives: lifeworld, culture, political economy, and materiality. Conceptually and theoretically, these four perspectives correspond with various lenses that inform digital media literacy and environmental literacy.

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