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Review: The Media Ecosystem — What Ecology Can Teach Us About Responsible Media Practice

By Robert David Steele,

This is a manifesto of sorts, on CRITICAL INFORMATION, or stated another way, on public decision-support needs and the urgency of restoring both integrity (tell the truth) and holistic soundness (report on everything, and on the cause and effect cost and consequences of everything in relation to everything). Of course modern media fails this test, and the author should be credited with providing a manifesto and high-level handbook of how we might proceed.

I value this book for its integral consciousness and its ability to bring together what humans should know, how they should know it, and what they should do with what they know. In this book, the media gets a failing grade across the board, while the author includes a constant focus on how the media should be central to making “ecological intelligence” part of our every thought and action.

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