Putting the "eco" in media ecosystems

Teaching Ecomedia

Forthcoming, 2020

Ecomedia is an emerging framework that views all media technologies and communications as embedded within a material and environmental reality.

Teaching Ecomedia is a focused and practical guide for media educators to learn how to green their pedagogy. The book features a theoretical framework, curriculum structure, and lesson guides for specific activities and curriculum design.

Connecting communication theory, ecology, environmental communication, ecomedia studies, digital humanities, media studies, and ecoliteracy, this book bridges media literacy and education for sustainability to reconceptualize media education for the future.

Teaching Ecomedia is designed to be proactive, providing tools and approaches that can be applied in a variety of learning environments.

  • A practical guide for educators of media studies, cultural studies and digital humanities to incorporate ecomedia concepts into their curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Provides in-depth discussion of “ecomedia” (the relationship between media and environment).
  • Features a theoretical framework, curriculum structure, and lesson guides for specific activities and curriculum design.
  • Makes meaningful connections to develop a sense of purpose by synthesizing the domains of digital and living systems through an experiential approach to learning.
  • Promotes skills necessary for environmental challenges, include self-reflection, critical analysis, systems thinking, creativity, and visualization; and more traditional skills like literacy of media, information and technology.
  • Integrates concepts from education for sustainability, such as cultural preservation and transformation; responsible green citizenship; the dynamics of systems and change; sustainable economics; healthy commons natural laws and ecological principles; inventing and affecting the future; a sense of place.
  • Offers an overview of previous research on the relationship between media literacy and environmental education.
  • Introduces ecological economics and ecopsychology as applied to media studies and media literacy.
  • Develops a theoretical approach that reimagines communication and media theories.
  • Explores an ecomedia literacy curriculum heuristic called the “ecomediasphere.”
  • Discusses the role of youth media, alternative media, and communicative practice.
  • Provides sample lessons and curriculum guides.

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